Friday, December 22, 2006

Out of Office Auto-Reply

We at SunsGossip will be out of the office until the first week of January. Aww, stop crying! While we're gone, please amuse yourself with our associates at the NBA FanHouse (your girl Miss Gossip will be doing some light posting over there).

Also check out MINORITEAM!, our side-hustle blog. Warning: contains racial humor (of the funny variety). Below are a few archive highlights to get you started. Happy New Year!

From your girl Dominikimchee:
-Dateline-style supermarket exposé: Racial Stereotypes in the Cereal Aisle
-Hard-hitting historical reporting: How Dark Was "Separate but Equal" Plessy?
-Everyday eyerolls: Talking ATL with a White Lady

From Boris-stalking accomplice LaTowna:
-Oakland police department blotter: Getting Pulled Over
-Workplace woes: Trying Not to Go Ethnic
-Borderline cartoon copyright infringement: The Palo Alto Bubble

From Nuggets enthusiast Nigeri-Negro:
-Advice for young black men: Nigeri-Negro's Guide to Making a Dinner Reservation
-Learnings from late-night studying: Infomercial Reviews



Blogger Miss SunsGossip said...

UPDATE: Wonderbread Woman has just joined MINORITEAM! so make sure to look out for her too!

12/22/2006 7:17 AM  
Blogger atma brother #1 said...

Man, ALL of you guys are taking a vacation? I swear only Miss SunsGossip deserves a vacation from SunsGossip. The rest of the SunsGossip crew is slacking!

12/22/2006 12:17 PM  

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