Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Pretty Fly for a Pat Burke

Big up to our boy Nate for sending us to his man on the street who set us up with some dude in a janky establishment fronting as a travel agency who hooked us up with a semi-bootleg League Pass subscription. For real, League Pass is the hotness. Although we promise to use its evils only to watch the Suns.

Following are our highlights from tonight’s 127-102 home win against the Kings. The Kings were playing without Ron-Ron Artest, who allegedly had an “ailing back” but clearly was just afraid of getting on the floor with Raja Bell (who had released that caustic diss track after their last encounter)...

1. Nash tries to sweet talk the lady ref and she promptly hands him a tech. D’Antoni comes to Stevie’s defense and gets a technical himself. Hot!

2. End of the first quarter, Shawn Marion hits an ill buzzer-beater -- then runs through the tunnel high-fiving fools. He thinks it’s halftime. Jalen Rose clowns him.

3. Raja Bell makes his third trey of the night. He’s trying to tie the record of seven straight games with four or more three’s. D’Antoni takes him out of the game. Hater!

4. Late in the fourth, the Suns are up by about a zillion points. D’Antoni clears the bench and throws all the “team” players on the floor. Plus Raja. Someone gave Coach the word. How embarrassing.

5. The Kings are wondering why every single play is setting Raja up for a three. Unfortunately Ra-Ra is not able to complete.

6. Ice-cold Pat Burke, who is seeing his first minutes since about the Clinton era, hits three three-pointers in the span of 1:20. The crowd goes nuts. Everyone loves the heartwarming story of a white boy off the bench!


Blogger Ra said...

He put Irish on them shots.

12/06/2006 9:50 AM  
Blogger TheHype said...

(sneaks out of exam room..)

Pat Burke is unstoppable! Next stop, Congress!

Though I remember reading J-Mac's PHX :07 book, during last playoffs when Burke hit a three in garbage time he didn't like getting pity applause. Then again, that was a long time ago.

12/06/2006 2:53 PM  
Anonymous Nick said...

i demand to know more of this bootleg nba league pass!

12/06/2006 6:44 PM  
Blogger Pradamaster said...

Hype, that's one of the most amazing videos I've ever seen.

12/07/2006 12:01 AM  
Blogger Miss SunsGossip said...

Pat Burke was a little thespian back in the day. Make sure to also check out the Hair Restoration video...

12/07/2006 12:14 AM  
Blogger TwinnerA said...

Pat Burke was interviewed on the radio yesterday and he said when a player like him gets some points like he did the other night, that he lives off those points for a month. So I don't think he considered it pity or he wouldn't have come out after the game and talked to Chambers and Steinke?? after the game and signed autographs for the fans.

12/07/2006 9:05 AM  
Anonymous TF said...

Did u say bootleg nba league pass...please share...from LA...moved up north and get stuck w/crappy cable i.e. FSBay that doesn't have anything except the ******* warriors so definitely in withdrawl in case this crazy post didn't tip u off:P

12/16/2006 3:12 AM  
Anonymous tf said...

Just realized...law student...me too and in the midst of Finals that I've definitely been neglecting...oh well that's why it's called addiction:P

12/16/2006 3:16 AM  

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