Tuesday, September 05, 2006

We are Raja Bell!

SunsGossip took the "Which NBA player are you" test and we were delighted with the result: the Suns' own Raja Bell! We've loved Raja ever since his days in Philly, back when the Sixers were hot (and we had girlish daydreams about an Eric Snow family-man with Bell’s good looks). We stuck with R when he moved to Dallas for a hot minute, and though we lost touch in Utah, we reunited last year in Phoenix. And we love Number 19 more than ever now that we know we are Raja Bell. It's not just because of the quiz – we’ve discovered we have a lot in common.

1. We both care about our hair. SunsGossip has always taken note of Raja's extra-clean line, but you might wonder how such a busy star could have time to visit the barbershop every other day. Well, he doesn't -- Bell actually has his own personal barber that he keeps on call, ready to buzz into action the moment he needs a shape-up. The barber splits his time between housecalls for Bell and office visits to P. Diddy (pictured here in September 2004). SunsGossip imagines a day when we too will add a hair person to our entourage.

2. We both have the same tattoo. No moth ball legs for Mr. Bell -- only elegant, barely-there tats up and down the arms. SunsGossip only has one tatoo, and it's across our bosoms, but it's the same design as the one on Raja's left shoulder.

3. We're both always on time. Colored People's Time, that is! We at SunsGossip will probably be late to our own funeral, and Bell similarly struggles with punctuality. The island boy’s chronic lateness is the real reason he didn't always start in Utah. (The Suns coaching staff regularly tells him game times that are an hour early, just to make sure he's in the building by tip-off.) Bell's much-anticipated website RajaBell.com is also running on Minoritime -- the clock counting down to the launch date has already been pushed back a few times. But we're not tripping, Raja -- as we always say, don't hate when it's worth the wait. We'll check back around the All Star break.


Anonymous Lucas said...

I seem to run on "Colored People's Time" too. Well, for a whiteboy that is.

9/05/2006 11:48 AM  

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