Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Guaranteed K.O.: NBA Previews

Mark your calendars for October 29th. That’s when we at SunsGossip will be battling it out with Mr. Lucas for the prize of hypest NBA Preview post.* Until then, we are enjoying the preview-a-days that have been going on at Nets Daily, Celtics Blog, Celtics 17, and Loy's Place all thanks to the genius of Jeff at Celtics Blog.

Today is Knicks Day, so we’ll be camping out at our brother Mutoni’s. Oops! We meant to link here. Our bad, Mutoni!

SunsGossip is also starting an underground campaign to get TheHype and Give Me the Rock to join the Preview bandwagon.

*Just to be clear, Lucas is obviously going to deliver a much better post. We at SunsGossip are just playing the role of hype-man here.


Anonymous Jack said...

How about if Lucas writes it, and you illustrate? That'd be crunker than all the rest of them.

10/03/2006 10:03 AM  
Anonymous Lucas said...

When a post is crunk, there is no higher plateau for a blogger.

And my illustration? I am speechless. Back in the day it wasn't "ice ice baby," for this character it was more like "go ninja go ninja go."

In all seriousness though, it wasn't either of those. I'm more of a you can't touch this kinda guy.

10/03/2006 10:26 AM  
Blogger Lil Dice said...

There for sure have to be illustrations to accompany the Suns preview. Lots of Diaw and Nash, please.

10/03/2006 10:58 AM  
Anonymous TheHype said...

I'm still trying to get my posts to be crumpin'

10/03/2006 11:38 AM  

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