Saturday, April 14, 2007

Suns v. Fakers at Hype's House

If you missed last night's Suns win over the soon-to-be-eliminated-from-the-playoffs Lakerbockers, then CLICK HERE.

Did you click? Oh yeah, sorry, very little related to the game there. Just a bunch of yimmer-yammering between your girl Miss Gossip and brother-from-another-mother Howie (aka TheHype).

The conversation is Phoenix-phriendly: we deleted all comments made by Lakers ball boy Nate Jones (aka... Nate Jones).

Monday, April 02, 2007

Say 'Hi' to Ball-Hi...ype

Well, unless you're still getting over your Suns/Mavs hangover, you're probably already all up in the Ballhype house. But just in case you've been living in one of Phoenix's many caves, we've got the rundown of what you're missing.

Ballhype is the faster, stronger, younger cousin of (which we at SunsGossip were already obsessed with). Ballhype is for anyone interested in sports. If you're a sports reader you can use it to find the most hyped up content from over 1,600 sports blogs (not just bball!) plus news sites and YouTube and such. If you're a blogger you can use it to see who's linking to your stuff and who's voting it up (you can even put little badges at the bottom of your posts like this to encourage readers to hype them up). If you're a social butterfly, you can use it to make online friends and join groups.

But the best part, in our opinion, is the Picks section. Basically you can gamble on games without losing anything (well, without losing any money -- your pride is another matter). You can follow the scores of your picks on the scoreboard and compare your performance with other Ballhype members. As of this writing, your girl Miss Gossip is a Suns-hot #10 on the Picks Rankings. But that's not likely to last long. We were able to claw up the rankings during the closed beta testing phase, but ever since Ballhype's public launch earlier today the number of people competing seems to have skyrocketed. For real, everyone is doing it. It! Ballhyping. Forreally.